When are in the mood to throw a big party or event, choosing the right kind of party supply rental is the one factor that will impress your guests. Party rentals help people organize spectacular and special events with tents, party equipment, and entertainment easily and inexpensively. Be it a wedding, kids birthday, holiday gathering, theme party, graduation or surprise function, there are many sensible options to ensure that everyone has a remarkable time.


Our most basic type of party supply rental and also a part of our wedding decorations rental is tables, chairs and lunch tables. If you’re throwing a large party event or wedding reception, we stock the right wedding supply rentals. We can provide you with cheap and affordable wedding equipment rentals, if your needs are beyond that then we also have Silent Generators, LCD TV, projectors visual equipments, lighting equipments and wedding tents for rent.


There is a confusion that every bride must face when purchasing her wedding day duds: Why spend a lot of money on something you’re only going to wear once? We know why, because a wedding is a special day and there is nothing wrong in spending thousands of rupees on wedding accessories that you are never going to wear frequently; however there is a cheaper alternative wedding rental accessories. We simply have the largest collection of wedding supplies on rent so you can save on your budget. At Crystal Coimbatore you can even rent actors, equipment or hire photographers, videographers. Based around a particular marriage theme we can provide you with the most suitable rentals. We are a leading party equipments supplier in Coimbatore.